About Us

The Company

KC Energy, LLC (KCE) is an energy consulting firm focused on reducing clients' energy spend.

Founded in 2021, our primary focus is on developing projects that are:

1) utility bill based with no cost to you, and

2) capital-based projects that require an investment and pay back quickly. Most projects are Power Factor Correction systems and LED lighting retrofits.

Tim Nelson, President

I got my start in the energy business in 1994 and haven't turned back. I've had various roles all related to helping clients save energy. For details you can review my LinkedIn profile. On a personal level, I try my best to be a faithful servant as a Christ-follower. I love hanging out with my wife whether it's watching a movie, pedaling our tandem bicycle, or taking a faster ride on my antique 1980 Honda CM400. I've got three boys and a daughter-in-law, and family is a big priority. I love adventure, with my 15 minutes of fame coming in 1993 when I pedaled a bicycle solo from Los Angeles to New York. Yes, I did live to tell about it.


Since 1994 I have been building a network of go-to resources for the energy industry. This collage is meant to represent the many people and more in that network.